latte art

everybody loves art on their morning cup of coffee…latte art credit to our talented barista Sarah ❤️☕️

History of coffee

Found this interesting article…always good to brush up on our history 😉  

Caffe’ D’arte

There is no debate, everybody loves our coffee…consistently it’s the one comment I hear the most from customers.  Wanted to share a little info from their website. [...]

You’re really milkin’ it

Great ingredients = great coffee drinks!  We start with amazing espresso and create your latte with delicious Morning Fresh milk! check out their story here…and if you are new to FoCo, the [...]

It’s Monday…again


Besides serving up delicious coffee, smoothies, lattes and chai we also create wonderful salads, sandwiches and soup…all made to order! Here’s a pic of our amazing signature chicken [...]

Mocha Monday

Jump start your Monday morning with a rich and creamy Mocha…and an added bonus is you can upgrade to the next size for FREE!!! All of the Cuppy’s Signature Drinks are part of this [...]


We are proud to serve Bhakti, which is a craft-brewed chai.  They use fresh-pressed organic ginger and a fiery blend of spices.  Don’t fret, it took me awhile to learn how to pronounce it [...]

Happy hump day!!!

Wednesday is our most favorite day of the week…and you are probably wondering why? Simply because it’s such a FUN drink special 🙂 you get to pick any daily special! So go [...]

Featured latte

Cherry Blossom is a delightful combination of vanilla, cherry and almond.  It’s a perfect drink to start your Monday morning!

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